Mr. Gay UK is an annual competition in the United Kingdom that seeks to find a representative from the gay community who embodies a positive and confident image. The event was first established in 1982, and over the years, it has grown to become a prominent event in the lgbtq+Q+ community in the UK. T he competition is organized by the lgbtq+Q+ magazine, Gay Times.

The contest aims to showcase the diversity and talent within the UK's lgbtq+Q+ community and promote a message of inclusion, acceptance, and pride. Contestants in the Mr. Gay UK competition are judged on various criteria, such as their appearance, personallity, communication skills, and their ability to engage with the audience.

The event typically consists of several rounds, including interviews, talent performances, and catwalks. Contestants often represent different cities or regions within the United Kingdom. The winners of regional contests advance to the national competition, where they compete for the title of Mr. Gay UK. The winner of the competition not only gains the title but also becomes an ambassador for lgbtq+Q+ rights and awareness, attending various events and promoting a positive image of the community.

Door de geschiedenis heen heeft de wedstrijd verschillende opmerkelijke winnaars voortgebracht die zijn doorgegaan naar een succesvolle carrière in entertainment, media en activisme. Dit zijn onder meer Scott Neal, die in 1993 Mr. Gay UK won en later speelde in de film "Beautiful Thing" (1996), en Charlie Condou, die in 1998 won en vooral bekend is vanwege zijn rol in de langlopende Britse soap. "Kroningsstraat".

The competition has also faced its share of controversies, such as accusations of body-shamming and perpetuating stereotypes within the lgbtq+Q+ community. However, the organizers have made efforts to address these issues and maintain the event's integrity and positive message.

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