Belgian Pride, also referred to as Belgian Gay Pride or simply is a celebration held in Brussels, Belgium. This event serves as a platform to promote lgbtq+Q+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) rights, diversity and acceptance. Since 1996 the Belgian Pride has been an occurrence held in May each year.

The organization of the Pride involves collaboration between various lgbtq+Q+ organizations like Çavaria RainbowHouse Brussels and the Belgian Pride Association. The city of Brussels along with the government and numerous private sponsors offer their support.

At the heart of the Pride lies the vibrant and colorful parade that winds through the streets of Brussels. It brings together thousands of participants including members of the lgbtq+Q+ community well as allies, activists and political figures. The parade showcases a variety of floats adorned with artistic displays along with marching bands and performers.

In addition to this parade Belgian Pride offers a diverse range of events and activities such as;

  1. Pride Village; A central space set up in Brussels where visitors can explore information booths while enjoying food stands offering refreshments along, with live entertainment.
  2. Pride Village frequently hosts shows by international artists as well as speeches by activists and politicians.
  3. Various workshops, talks and panel discussions are organized throughout the pride week to tackle topics related to lgbtq+Q+ rights, health and overall well being.
  4. During Pride week a range of lgbtq+Q+ themed films are screened at different locations throughout the city.
  5. In Brussels numerous art exhibitions take place in galleries and cultural institutions to showcase lgbtq+Q+ artists and explore themes.

Belgian Pride is renowned for its parties and social gatherings held at bars, clubs and diverse venues across the city. These events offer a chance for members of the lgbtq+Q+ community well as their allies to celebrate together while making meaningful connections.

Over time Belgian Pride has experienced growth since its inception. It now attracts tens of thousands of visitors from both Belgium and abroad. The event serves as a platform for advocating lgbtq+Q+ rights while raising awareness, about the ongoing challenges faced by this community.
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