Maakt niet uit hoe je het bekijkt, en het maakt niet uit welke en hoeveel gasten worden onderzocht, de resultaten zijn altijd hetzelfde: wat een land echt uniek maakt, is de mensen die er wonen. Immers, wat zou een vakantie land zijn zonder hosts? Wat zou een wandeling in de Tiroler Alpen zijn zonder het horen van de traditionele begroeting "Griaß Enk" van de lokale bevolking? En wat zou een spectaculair optreden van de Staatsopera zijn als u deze geweldige gevoel van geluk met andere mensen niet konden delen? Als mensen praten over de Oostenrijkers, ze steevast vergeten de zeer speciale mentaliteit van deze mensen. We zijn hier niet praten zo veel over de zichtbare kenmerken, zoals skiën of walsen. Wat uw wens, zal je het hier vinden.

Oostenrijk heeft een bloeiende lgbtq+Q+-gemeenschap, en er worden het hele jaar door verschillende evenementen georganiseerd die zich op deze gemeenschap richten. Enkele van de meest populaire evenementen zijn:

  1. Vienna Pride: Dit is het grootste jaarlijkse lgbtq+Q+-evenement in Oostenrijk en vindt plaats in juni. Het evenement omvat een parade, feesten, concerten en andere culturele activiteiten.
  2. Queer Film Festival: Dit filmfestival, dat in oktober in Wenen wordt gehouden, toont films met lgbtq+Q+-thema's uit de hele wereld.
  3. Diversiteitsbal: dit bal, dat in mei in Wenen wordt gehouden, is een viering van diversiteit en inclusiviteit. Het evenement biedt muziek, dans en andere optredens.
  4. Pink Lake Festival: Dit festival, dat in augustus in Karinthië wordt gehouden, is een populair evenement voor de


Blijf op de hoogte met gay evenementen in Oostenrijk |


Here are some known destinations in Austria that are loved by the lgbtq+Q+ community;

Vienna; Known for its vibrant lgbtq+Q+ scene Vienna boasts numerous gay bars and clubs. Popular venues include Village Bar, Felixx Why Not and Sling. The city also hosts the Vienna Pride event, which is one of Austrias biggest lgbtq+Q+ gatherings.

Salzburg; With its charm Salzburg is not only a beautiful city but also home to a lively lgbtq+Q+ scene. You'll find gay bars and clubs like Bar Adam, Zum Hohen Friedensberg and Heaven.

Innsbruck; While Innsbruck is renowned as a skiing destination it also offers a gay scene. Woodys Bar, Café Bar Moustache and Kater Noster are among the liked gay bars and clubs in the city.

Linz; As a city with an emerging lgbtq+Q+ community Linz has become an exciting destination. Café Piu, Friends Bar and Atlantis Sauna are some of the favored gay bars and clubs here.

Graz; Known as a university town with a cultural scene Graz has seen its lgbtq+Q+ community grow steadily. Popular establishments like Café Kaiserbründl,
Lollipop Bar and Replugged cater, to the needs of the local lgbtq+Q+ population.

Lake Wörthersee;Lake Wörthersee is a liked vacation spot in Austria and it even has a beach called FKK (Freikörperkultur) Beach that is frequented by the lgbtq+Q+ community. It's important to mention that Austria generally embraces inclusive values when it comes to lgbtq+Q+ rights and many establishments and attractions are open and welcoming to the community. However it's always advisable to research venues and destinations before traveling to ensure they are lgbtq+Q+ friendly.

Here are 12 recommendations and tips for travelers visiting Austria;

1. Explore Viennas vibrant gay scene; Vienna boasts a gay scene with numerous bars, clubs and events. The Village Bar, Felixx and Why Not're among the popular spots worth checking out.

2. Visit Salzburg, a city known for its lgbtq+Q+ inclusivity; Salzburg not offers stunning beauty and rich history but is also recognized for being gay friendly. Don't miss Backstage bar/club or the annual Salzburg Pride festival.

3. Discover Innsbruck—a town that welcomes lgbtq+Q+ travelers; Innsbruck's renowned as a winter sports hub but is also an excellent destination for lgbtq+Q+ visitors. Enjoy an inviting atmosphere at gay bars, like Blue Chip or Kater Noster.

4. Explore lgbtq+Q+ events; Austria offers a range of lgbtq+Q+ events throughout the year including Vienna Pride, Pink Lake Festival in Carinthia and the Queer Film Festival in Vienna.

5. Respect customs regarding public displays of affection; While Austria generally embraces diversity it's worth noting that public displays of affection between same sex couples might be less common than in some other countries. It's important to use your discretion and be considerate of traditions.

6. Choose accommodations; Many hotels and guesthouses in Austria are welcoming to lgbtq+Q+ travelers. You can find gay options such as the Pink Ribbon Hotel in Vienna or the Stonewall Inn in Innsbruck.

7. Experience a sauna; If you're interested Austria boasts several gay saunas like Kaiserbründl in Vienna and Labyrinth in Salzburg.

8. Indulge in cuisine; Don't miss out on tasting delicious Austrian dishes that have gained fame worldwide such as Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte. Consider trying gay restaurants like Motto am Fluss in Vienna or the Gasthof Goldener Löwe in Salzburg.

9. Take a day trip to cities; With excellent train connections you can easily plan day trips from Austria to neighboring cities like Bratislava, Budapest or Munich.

10. Ensure travel insurance coverage; It's always wise to have travel insurance when going abroad. This is particularly important, for lgbtq+Q+ travelers who may encounter risks or challenges during their journey.

11. Make sure to familiarize yourself with some phrases; While many people in Austria can communicate in English its always considered polite to learn a few basic German expressions like "Guten Tag" (hello) "Danke" (thank you) and "Entschuldigung" (excuse me).

12. Stay true to yourself. Have a blast; Above all remember that your main goal, in Austria is to have a time and fully enjoy your experience. Embrace your identity. Don't allow anyone elses opinions or preconceptions hinder your enjoyment.



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